These Woods

I've been a city girl all my life. I never played in the woods as a kid, or ran around the country side for fun. It has always been about living in a dense area surrounded by neighbors and friends, walking everywhere on concrete sidewalks and enjoying everything city life offers. Up until moving here I found great comfort in walking the city streets at any time of day or night surrounded by strangers. 

These days, I've discovered a new comfort. Walking in these woods in the evenings gives me such a sense of peace and all I do is step out my front door and there it is. The days of summer are long now and the sun sets late and takes a long time to go away. I try to walk out there as often as I can and just take it all in. It's all new to me and I'm learning my way around this strange new world. 

Country life is slower and more intentional, I've discovered. It's also beautifully full in it's own way. I am so grateful I get to know that.