The Office Landscaping Plan

The Office is still an ongoing project. I don't know why, but it's a space I can't seem to figure out. You may remember the plan from a while back and also the progress that was made. But since then nothing has happened. I have made several attempts to finish it, but with no success. 

So instead I thought I'd turn my attention to the area just outside the office. The thing we love the most about this space it that it has it's own separate entrance and is completely independent of the rest of the house. It's great for Pat who works from home a few days a week and gets to truly separate from the activity of our daily life.

But the area outside the office, in it's current state, leaves a lot to be desired. Now that summer is here, I've turned my attention to the landscaping and have made this area a priority.

I thought I'd share the plan. Here are a couple of photos of the current state of things.


I'm in love with all the native grasses I've seen around here and want to plant a few framing the entry. A couple of my favorites are Feather Reed Grass (taller) and Mexican Reed Grass (short) This makes everything feel fresh and much more sculptural than the current plantings.

I also love the idea of a stainless steel doormat and a vintage sign to contrast one another and make it all a little more polished.

Here's an idea of what it would look like. What do you think?!