Lovely Things

I'm not sure how it got to be August already, but alas the last month of summer is here. I've been in a bit of a creative slump this summer, but it's probably because I'm enjoying it so much. We've been spending all our time outdoors and soaking up all the southern heat around here. I haven't been working much on the house, so there isn't much to post about lately. 

To get me through till Fall I thought I'd start a series here on the blog. I'm calling it "Lovely Things". It will be a regular Friday post where I share all the lovely things I'm longing for as well as some great reads, recipes and design related articles from around the web.

I hope you enjoy it and please leave your comments with feedback on what you'd like to see.

Happy Summer!


All things woven are the rage right now and I'm loving the Moon Tote by Xinh & Co. I love that it's over-sized and makes a very big statement.

The Polished Sweats Look is something I'm very interested in trying out this Fall. I'm not typically the sweatpants type, but these Cashmere Joggers by Leimere are on my list for putting together a fall wardrobe that's both comfortable and fashionable.

(Wearing red vintage v-neck dress. Similar here)


One of my favorite interior design blogs is Lark & Linen. Jacquelyn has an impeccable design sense and her blog is a joy to read. She bought a home last year and has been renovating it, so I love to follow along. She updated her kitchen in a weekend and the results are stunning! I think you will agree that a little white paint goes a very long way!

I've driven by Form & Function many times since moving to Raleigh, but have yet to step inside this beautiful shop. From the outside it looks amazing, I can only imagine what I'll find when I take an afternoon to explore what's inside. I'll be sure to post all the details on my InstaStories when the day stay tuned!


Peaches! It's peach season here in the south and we have been eating our weight in them lately. I'm planning to make a batch of Peach Preserve soon so that I can taste summer over and over again when the weather gets colder.

We eat lighter in the summer and vegetables take center stage. All of these Food & Wine vegetable recipes look amazing. I'm planning to try a few in the next couple of weeks.


I hope you have an amazing weekend! See you back here next week!