Sidewalk Chalk

Do you remember playing Hop Scotch as a kid? I do but I had forgotten all the rules. So this weekend my sister-in-law, niece, nephew, I took to the driveway to teach Helen all about this classic children's game. She was mostly interested in the chalk, but we all had so much fun!

My sister-in-law Liz recalled the rules and this is how we played:

-Draw the board using sidewalk chalk

-Each player has a rock

-Toss the rock to land in a numbered square staring with 1

-Hop the board, skipping any square with a rock in it.

-Pick up rock on the way back to starting point

-Continue doing this for each ascending number

-You can't step on any of the lines, put another limb down on the floor, or step in a square that has a rock or you are out.

Here's a more detailed version of the rules Hop Scotch if your curious.  I hope you had a great weekend filled with fun!