Lovely Things

I've been trying for years to adopt the Capsule Wardrobe mentality. So this fall I'm going all in not just for me but for the children as well.  My plan is to carry over a few favorites that are already in our wardrobes and add just enough to bring everything up to date. 

Here are a few links from around the web I'm hoping will help me get it right this time around.


-A great read on what a true capsule wardrobe should look like. Only 12 pieces!

-Project 333 is a concept I'm very intrigued by and am looking forward to getting started.

-I just bought these Madewell Jeans and am completely in love. They are so good I'm ready to get rid of all my other jeans!

-I'm in love with this simple dress and think it would be perfect for the LBD in a capsule wardrobe.


-A few guidelines for how to create an achievable child's capsule wardrobe.

-Primary Children's Clothing looks like just the thing for the basics needed in every child's wardrobe. Loving this and this.

-Minimal is another great site for simple, modern children's clothing. I love this and this.

Would you try it?

I hope you have a lovely weekend and are enjoying these last few weeks of summer!

Capsule Wardrobe 1.jpg
Capsule Wardrobe 2.jpg
Capsule Wardrobe 3.jpg