Lovely Things

Another week, another Lovely Things! This week I've collected a bunch of random links I'm loving, reading, or thinking about lately. I hope you enjoy and I wish you a beautiful weekend!

-Helen is wearing a jumpsuit from my new favorite shop Babblebear Boutique. The clothes is adorable and affordable and although I try to mostly buy from handmade, small brands like All The Little Bows, sometimes I can't resist a trendy, inexpensive find.

- I love the sentiment of this article on 10 Ways to Give Your Kids a 1970's Summer. Yes!!!

-This party ice breaker made me chuckle! Who's your doppelganger? I've gotten Sarah Jessica Parker and Feist.

- Parachute just launched a line for the little ones. Everything is beautiful but I have my eye on the Essential Baby Quilt in Fog. Also if you have a girlfriend with a little one on the way go for the Cashmere Baby Blanket.

-I've been experiencing some strangeness with my sense of smell lately. This article made me feel slightly more panicked about it.

-Helen is obsessed with deer (and trucks)! She goes outside every morning to try to spot the little family of deer we have living around our house. I think I may have to get her a Sharon Montrose Print for her room.

Helen 25 Months Library 2.jpg
Helen 25 Months.jpg