Easy Leaf Crowns

On a recent weekday when a bit of boredom set in, I set out to make some easy crowns from our overgrown shrubs. Helen was skeptical, but once she had the crown on her head she loved wearing it the rest of the afternoon.

It's so simple to make it doesn't even really warrant instruction, but just in case here they are:

-Cut long, young, flexible branches from a leafy shrub. It's important that they are flexible otherwise they will snap when you bend them.

-Intertwine two branches with the thick ends on opposite sides. Slide each branch through the other weaving them together to form a circle.

-Tuck any leaves in that are sticking out.

-Fasten with twist ties or sting. (I skipped this step but it will hold together longer if you do this)


Leaf Crowns 2.jpg
Leaf Crowns 1.jpg
Leaf Crowns 4.jpg
Leaf Crowns.jpg