Going Green

After a couple of months of eating nothing but meat at every meal, we thought we'd take a bread from being carnivores and go vegetarian!

I've been in love with the blog Green Kitchen Stories for a while now, but when I recently bought their book Green Kitchen at Home, I became even more convinced that everything this beautiful couple makes is not only really good for you, but delicious. I have yet to try a recipe that we didn't love.

So for a few weeks we are going green and cooking everything from the Green Kitchen at Home Cookbook. The magic of this cookbook is that it relies on a stocked pantry and a slew of things you make ahead of time that are then ready to be whipped into delicious meals at any time. This makes preparing a great vegetarian meal fairly easy on weeknights and on weekends, when we have more time there are also options for more involved dishes.

So far we have loved every recipe we've made. A few of my favorites so far include (most are only available in the cookbook):

-Batch tomato sauce (pictured)

-Pesto (pictured)

-Vegetable Flat Breads

-Everyday Smoothie (actually All Their Smoothies)

-Herby Green Breakfast Bowl

-Middle Eastern Sweet Potato Wrap (pictured)

-Spinach Crepes with Creamy Chickpeas Mushrooms (pictured)

-Buckwheat, Chocolate Banana Bread

Going Green 1.jpg
Going Green 2.jpg
green kitchen at home book.jpg
Going Green 5.jpg
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Going Green 4.jpg
Going Green 6.jpg