Re-potting a Palm

I am obsessed with large scale house plants at the moment. I've shared my favorites before in this post but, until recently, I hadn't yet acquired one of my absolute favorites, the palm! I took the plunge a couple of weeks back and knew it would look perfect in the tall corner of our dining room. 

It's about 6 feet tall and needed to be re-potted before making it to that sunny corner. This week I tackled the task with a visit to Atlantic Avenue Garden Center. They have an amazing selection of pots and I chose a terracotta beauty with a blue/black glaze that I knew would pick up on all the black metal details in the room. (similar pots here)

One of the key things to achieving success with re-potting is finding the right size pot for your plant. The palm is a tall plant that widens at the top so a wide, low pot will help keep it stable as it grows larger. 

The second thing to consider is a high quality natural potting soil. I went with Fox Farm Ocean Forest Organic Soil. It's a great quality soil without all the harmful chemicals found in most commercial soils. I'm hoping it will give my palm everything it needs for a while.

Here are a few photos of this beauty in it's new home. On Monday I'll be sharing a full tour of our dining room! Have a great weekend.

Repoting Palm 11.jpg
Repoting Palm 12.jpg
Repoting Palm 2.jpg
Repoting Palm 3.jpg
Repoting Palm 4.jpg
Repoting Palm 5.jpg
Repoting Palm 6.jpg
Repoting Palm 7.jpg
Repoting Palm 8.jpg
Repoting Palm jpg.jpg
Repoting Palm 1.jpg