Capsule Wardrobe Update

A few weeks back I began planning for full immersion into living with a capsule wardrobe. I thought I'd update you on how it's going.

So the short version of this post is, it's going great! The longer answer is that it's been very challenging so far. One of the key aspects (I've discovered) to committing to the idea of a very limited wardrobe is putting away all my other clothes so that I'm not tempted to wear anything but the 33 pieces I've selected for the season. I haven't done this and am quickly realizing that having everything hanging in my closet is making it much to hard to stick to the plan.

That being said, here are a few things I've learned so far:

-Having a really great pair of jeans is key. Jeans area an easy go-to so spending  a little more on a great pair has really made going capsule easier. I bought these Madewell 9" High Rise Skinny Jeans (on sale right now!!) and am completely in love. I could wear these everyday. They are not only on-trend with the raw hem and button up, they also fit beautifully and are super comfortable.

-Finding a limited color scheme that works with the colors of the clothes I already own. I've discovered that most of my clothes are in some tone of blue, so I'm working with that. The clothes I chose all work with blue including the accent color of orange.

-Every piece fits well and feels special. This is important for me because I'm not typically someone who wears neutral clothing. I like funky and making that work for a capsule wardrobe is challenging, but I'm realizing not impossible. Every piece I've chosen has an interesting detail or something about it that is eye-catching. 

-Dresses, dresses, dresses! I've always loved dresses, but with a capsule wardrobe I'm finding that having 4 or 5 great dresses is key to the success of this plan. Dress area great because as the weather gets cooler I can layer over them both for warmth and a whole new look.

-Picking the right shoes is super important. I went with two blue flats, one neutral sandal, bright fabric sneakers, two pairs of high heels and a boot. That's it! And honestly, I probably could eliminate the heels and just grab those for special occasions which these days happen very infrequently. 

Are you doing the Capsule Wardrobe this Fall? If so, let me know how it's going and please share what you've learned! I'd love to know.

Capsule wardrobe 2.jpg
Capsule wardrobe 3.jpg