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The Three Things I'm Doing More of in 2018

The Three Things I'm Doing More of in 2018

Being a full time mother is amazing but it's easy to lose myself in the everyday and forget to take time to do things just for me.

So in 2018 I'm making time for these three things:

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During the years when we were trying desperately to have a baby with little success, I took up meditation to help clear my mind and stay present. I have since lost touch with the practice, but am making it a part of my daily routine this year. I'm hoping to get the children involved. Not sure yet how this will happen, but it will certainly be an interesting challenge.

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I read every night in bed curled up next to Pat. It's something we both love doing after a long day. But there's something about reading during the day, sitting in our library with an actual book that I miss. I plan to take at least 30 minutes during each day to sit down with book in hand and read. I've already started and the difference it has made is huge. I also think it's so important for my children to see me reading. I think a love for reading is something I hope to instill in them and I can imagine that if they see how much I enjoy it they may be more likely to pick up the habit.

New Projects

Last year was a busy one with a newborn added to our little clan and working on the house. Now that Von is almost 1 year old and our home is in pretty good shape, I'm ready to take on a few new creative projects! I have a collaboration in the works with my very creative friend Erin of Hone Design Co. We are still ironing out all the details but once we do I can't wait to share them with you. 

What new and exciting things do you have planned for 2018? I'd love to hear all about it.

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