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Transforming Your Bath Into a Spa

Transforming Your Bath Into a Spa

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It's been cold here in the south. So taking long hot baths in the evening after the children are asleep has become a regular thing here at our house. Let's face it, after long days stuck indoors I'm ready to soak in the tub and let the day melt away.

Our bathtub area was just a place that held a collection of random things I had no other place for. I really wanted to elevate the space and make it feel less like a forgotten corner and more like I was at a spa.

So this weekend I tacked it and I'm so thrilled with how it turned out. It's amazing how just a bit of thought and not much money can truly transform a space.

These are my must-haves:

Wood accents- Wood is a wonderful way to get that spa feel. I went to my local hardware store and had an oak board cut down to match the length of the tub. 

Greenery- I had ordered these silk monstera leaves online a while ago and wasn't sure where to put them. The bathroom is a perfect place for green as it makes an emotional connection to nature giving it that spa feel.

Scented Candle- A warm scented candle is essential for the cozy factor and with all the lights off it makes the experience so much more relaxing.

Plush White Bath Towels- I only buy white bath towels! No exceptions. They feel clean and always reminiscent of a spa.

Turkish Hand Towels- I love having a few of these for when I wash my face. They are thin but very absorbent and so so pretty.

Essential Oils and Diffuser- Essential oil diffusers are the hot thing right now. Everyone is doing it and until I started myself, I couldn't understand why. But I've discovered the amazing therapeutic benefits of essential oils and now I'm hooked

Bath Salts- They soften the water and really help relax muscles.

Linen Bath Robe- I love the feel of linen and although terrycloth is also an excellent choice, linen wears better and longer and is more comfortable on warmer days.

Paraffin Wax Bath- I've had one of these for years and love how it instantly makes my dry, winter hands soft again. It's a must for making your bath have that spa feel.

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A lot of you have asked if what I post on the blog is real life. I can honestly say that for the most part it is. But of course taking pretty pictures, which I am very fond of, doesn't happen by chance. It does take a little planning and some staging. In light of that, I thought it would be fun to share a few background photos of what goes on when everything isn't perfectly in place and the photo shoots don't go quite as I plan.

For example, for this post I had wanted to include myself wearing my linen robe and having a lovely time preparing my solo bath. Well, the reality is, Helen and Von wanted in on the action so instead of a serene spa moment, we have this... 

Everything is a little crooked and out of place, but in the end they are some of my favorite pictures. Real life is always better than our perfect dream life...maybe, ALMOST always better. :)


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