The coolest mobile lounge.

Working with owners who are also contractors, this project was a dream! The metal 1983 Airstream was completely revamped into a lounge on wheels. It pulls up to any event including weddings, corporate socials, or a birthday party and serves up craft beer, custom designed cocktails and all the cool you could ever want.



The design is all about contrasts. The cool metal exterior opens up and reveals a warm ipe wood interior aglow with warm light. Inside soft seating, chalkboard walls and colorful stools make everything user friendly. The result is a place where everyone wants to linger for just one more drink.


Boston, MA
Anywhere, USA!

Hive Events
Boston Globe
Carla Ten Eyck Photography

“I’m very selective. With Hive, the vibe was unbelievable and the service had the right balance of friendly and knowledgeable, and of keeping the party moving”

-Jennifer Freedom, Chive Events