Urban condo referencing memory.

An urban condo in the heart of the Sumner Hill Historic District, this project is located in a former High School built in 1892. Located in the former library of the school, memory was used to reference it’s history. Every detail is thoughtful and the finished spaces are modern and warm.



The design concept for this loft condo is the subtle invocation of memories of our school days. Ribbed glass references classrooms of the past as well as custom build “library cabinets” that are now used as a china cabinet. A vintage card catalog and a drafting table bring warmth and texture to the space as do white oak floors and bookshelves. A welded steel bathroom vanity made bya local artist is topped with marble and graffiti art by Julian Guzman infuses an urban edge to the space.

This project reflects the minimalist aesthetic of the owners while incorporating luxurious materials detailed in a modern way.


Jamaica Plain
Boston, MA

1200 sq ft
2 bedroom
1 bathroom

Katrine Hildebrandt
Julian Guzman (Skript)
Hone Design Collaborative

“Every time I turn a doorknob I’m transported back to being a child in school! “